Our Animals

We began our farm adventure when we moved to Hemmingford in 2001.  We had been city people so it took a bit of time to decide what direction the farm would take.  However, it didn’t take long for me to decide I wanted to raise sheep for wool.  We started with Border Leicesters.  I already had 2 sheep of unknown breed, and I found a lovely Border Leicester ram who had amazing fleece – long, and lustrous.  Breeding him to my 2 sheep produced some incredibly beautiful fleeces.   In 2009 I found a black Blue Faced Leicester ram who I could not resist.  We cross-bred him to my Border Leicesters and he added colour to my flock in different degrees from silver to black.  He also helped produce finer fleece.

Llamas have been a part of our fleece farm pretty much from the beginning.  Although our first gang have crossed over the rainbow bridge, we acquired 3 new llamas in 2022, all with lovely fleece, providing us with 3 different natural colours.

Along the way we also had opportunities to take in a few rescue critters: a few pigmy goats, our mule Sofia, Cassie, the donkey, and Valence the Canadian horse.

Nos animaux

On a commence notre aventure de ferme en 2001.   Au debut on ne savait pas dans quelle direction amener la ferme, mais ce n’était pas long, je décidais de me lancer dans l’élevage de mouton afin de travailler la laine.  C’est pour cette raison qu’on a choisi les Border Leicester.  Julius, mon premier belier, avait une toison extraordinaire, et en croissant lui avec mes 2 moutons de race inconnu, j’ai eu des toison superb.  En 2009 j’ai trouve un belier Blue-Faced Leicester qui était noir, et c’est avec lui que j’ai réussi  d’avoir des moutons de couleurs diffèrent.

Dans les premieres annees on a rempli notre grange avec que des animaux de fibres: des moutons, llamas et chèvres angora.  Aujourd’hui, en 2023, on a encore des mouton, 3 chèvres, 3 llamas, qui vie ensemble avec notre cheval Canadienne, un âne, et une meule.

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